Calendar Clocks

Calendar Clocks

At Hertz Electronics, our selection of calendar clocks display the time, date, and day of the week. Some models also display the present year. Our range of calendar clocks include those with full LCD displays, as well as others with analogue clock faces and drop down “leaf” display for calendar data. Calendar clocks are ideal for use in offices, banks, lobbies and aged care facilities.


As many of our analogue calendar clocks offer large displays with easy-to-read calendar data in white lettering or numbering on a black or red background, they are suitable for individuals with Alzheimers’ disease, brain injuries and memory impairment. All of our calendar clocks are simple to adjust and some are fully automated and even account for changes necessitated by leap years.


Our LCD calendar clocks have sleek silver metallic or stainless steel front panels. Calendar data display on some models is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish and Italian. Many of our LCD calendar clocks may be operated as stand-alone or slave clocks and may be adjusted to 12-hour or 24-hour displays.

Our calendar clocks are powered by C-cell or AA-cell batteries. Some models may be mounted on walls or mantelpieces. Battery life in some calendar clocks may reach three years.

Our selection of calendar clocks:

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  • Calendar Clocks
  • LCD Calendar Wall Clocks

    $660  Commercial-quality clock is made in Germany, popular choice for modern office fitouts. Metal front, 3 yr battery life

  • Islamic Calendar Clock
  • Islamic Calendar Clocks

    $950 plus GST  Two line display viewable from a distance of 25m. Choice of 22 languages with ability to alternate between 2-3 languages.