Islamic Calendar Clocks

Islamic Calendar Clock Islamic Calendar Clock Islamic Calendar Clock Islamic Calendar Clock

The 459A Islamic calendar clock combines a dual function calendar with accurate timekeeping. The clock may be programmed to show either the Islamic or standard calendar or alternate between the two.




Display: Bright 50mm high red, green, yellow or blue LED characters, viewing distance: 25m.
The display brightness can be pre-set in 7-steps or automatically adjusts to the ambient lighting condition.
Calendar Display: The clock uses the following abbreviations for displaying the Islamic months:
Muharram = Muharram
Safar = Safar
Rabi'ul Awwal = R Awwal
Rabi'ul Akhir = R Akhir
Jamaadil Awaal = J Awaal
Jamaadil Akhir = J Akhir
Rajab = Rajab
Sha'baan = Shabaan
Ramadhan = Ramadhan
Shawwal = Shawwal
Zul Qa'Dah = Z Quadah
Zul Hijjah = Z Hijjah
Case Aluminium black or silver anodised, optional paint finish to any RAL colour at extra cost.
Dimensions: S = surface: 480 x 180 x 58mm Weight: 3kg
Case Styles
S = surface with multi-angle mounting brackets
FP = flush into panel with a 6mm wide front bezel and rear mounting clamps for mounting into panels with rear access
FB = flush with steel box and retaining 6mm wide front bezel for mounting into a solid walll
SS = single sided ceiling suspended supplied with two support tubes for a drop of up to 1m
DS = double sided ceiling suspended supplied with two or more support tubes for a drop of up to 1m
Power Supply 230VAC 50/60Hz 0.2A, optional 12V, 24V or 48VDC at extra cost
Operating Temperature 0-50 C
Relative humidity: 0% to 95% non condensing
MTBF: >50,000 hours
Accuracy: Stand alone operation: 99.9998% @ 20 C +/- 3 C
EMC The clock confirms to the following standards:
  • EN 50081-1 55022 class B
  • EN 50082-1 IEC 801-2 Level 3, IEC 801-3 level 3 & IEC 801-4 level 3
  • EN 60950
Order Numbers
459A.05.R.S red LED surface case
459A.05.G.S green LED surface case
459A.05.Y.S yellow LED surface case
459A.05.B.S blue LED surface case


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