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/Clock Movements & Bells

We supply a large range of clock movements to power anything from a 250mm battery wall clock to a 6m diameter tower clock. All of our clock movements are designed and manufactured in Europe – either Germany or Switzerland. The Europeans are the reknowned masters in the art of clockmaking and we are unwilling to compromise with cheaper Asian products. After all, if you are installing a tower clock in your church, supermarket, shopping centre, or school, you want it to perform year-in, year-out without costly and irritating interruption.

Clock movements can be controlled with a separate Master Controller utilising its own internal quartz clock or, for absolute accuracy, a GPS receiver. When connected to a GPS system, the clock will always be 100% accurate. Daylight saving changes will occur automatically without any intervention. One GPS system can control up to 4 dials (eg. a 2 or 4-sided clock tower can share one GPS receiver).

Whatever project you have in mind, please do not hesitate to ask and we will be pleased to advise on the various options to suit your requirements.