Dimensions: 240 x 130 x 58mm (L x H x D)

The 601 and 610 type frequency control clock systems are designed to provide an integrated and accurate display of time and frequency information for power generation facilities.

The displays are available with red, green, yellow or blue LED characters.

Legibility: 601.057 = 25m, 601.100 = 50m, 610.02 = 10m

The Standard Time is based on a very accurate internal quartz crystal or can be synchronised to an external time reference, like a GPS receiver.

The internal quartz crystal is temperature compensated with an accuracy of 0.1 second per day.

The Frequency Time is based on the 50 or 60 Hz supply frequency with an accuracy of +/-0.001% +/-1 digit from 20-80Hz.

A serial RS232 + RS485 data port is provided which allows 1. multiple displays to be synchronised or 2. the time/frequency data from a computer to be displayed.

The displays are fitted with a universal 100-250V 50/60Hz power supply. Optional 24 or 48VDC supplies are also available at extra cost.

Order Numbers

601.057.R.S red 57mm LED surface mounted case
601.057.G.S green 57mm LED surface mounted case
610.100.R.S red 100mm LED surface mounted case
601.100.G.S green 100mm LED surface mounted case
610.020.R.S red 20mm LED surface mounted case
610.020.G.S green 20mm LED surface mounted case