Indoor Digital Clocks

/Indoor Digital Clocks

Extremely popular since the 1970s, digital clocks combine a sleek modern appearance with easy and fast readability. Our selection of digital clocks includes those suitable for indoor environments such as places of business, as well as large format digital clocks with super-bright LED displays that are weatherproof and suitable for outdoor areas.

Basic display options on our digital clocks include those showing the hour and minutes; others with hour, minute and second functionality; as well as digital clocks with simulated analogue second display. Additional functionality on some digital clocks models includes display of temperature, date, day of the week and stopwatch/countdown timer capabilities. Depending on your preference, you can choose between dot matrix or seven-segment LED displays on most of our models. With some of our digital clock models you may also be able to specify your display colour preference (red, green, yellow or blue). Some models may be available with an infra-red remote control for changing the settings and operating the stopwatch functions.

Our large-format outdoor digital clocks offer 120, 170 or 220mm-high figures that are legible at a distance of up to 120 metres. Perfect for sporting venues or high-foot-traffic areas like shopping centres, these outdoor digital clocks offer automatic Daylight Saving time changeover and can operate in stand-alone or slave modes.