• Character Height: 25mm Legibility: 10m
  • Analogue seconds display options: add mode, 3x dots moving, 1x dot moving
  • Automatic dimming
  • Operation: ‘Stand alone’ or ‘Slave’
  • Power Supply: 240VAC 50Hz with back-up
  • Automatic daylight saving change-over
  • Display options: Time + Date
  • Temperature with optional temperature probe
  • Stopwatch operation with optional stopwatch controller
  • Character Height: 14 & 20mm Legibility: 7 & 10m Colours available: Red, Green.
  • Character Height: 50mm Legibility: 25m Colours available: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue

Digital Red (Large) LED Wall Clocks with Analogue Second Display

490A.05.R.S 300 x 300 x 58mm