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Master clocks control one or more secondary, or “slave” clocks, ensuring consistent timing across a network of clocks. Master clocks are most commonly used in businesses and organisations in sectors like transportation, education, healthcare and finance in which it’s imperative that multiple clocks keep accurate and uniform time.

Typically master clocks communicate with slave clocks via an internet connection or a GPS receiver. Slave clocks receive the signals sent out from a master clock at regular intervals, resulting in synchronous timekeeping. The electronic communication between the master clock and slave clocks allows for time adjustments, such as the change from Standard to Daylight Saving time, to be completed automatically.

Many master clocks can be integrated with an organisation’s other systems such as bells, carillions, as well as climate control and lighting systems. This integration enables the master clocks to ring bells or switch air conditioning or heating systems on or off at designated times throughout the day.

At Hertz Electronics, our master clock offerings include models designed to control varying numbers of slave clocks, as well as models with the ability to integrate with a variety of other systems.