The Telnu-30 Master Clock has a 10-year battery back up


  • Intelligent Telnu Master Clock for self-correcting slave clocks
  • 10x years battery back-up
  • Automatic daylight saving change-over
  • Output voltage: 24-30VDC 1A = 30 Telnu clocks of 30mA each
  • Accuracy without GPS receiver: 0.2sec/day at 17-32 deg C
  • Enclosure: Impact resistant Polystyrol, light grey
  • Power Supply: 230/240VAC 50Hz 27VA
  • Dimensions: K-HU-Telnu HxWxD 150x75x106mm
  • Weight: approx. 1100 g

Order Numbers

K-HU-Telnu30 Telnu Master Clock, max. 30 clocks
K-FHU-Telnu30 Telnu Master Clock, max. 30 clocks with external GPS/DCF synchronization