• 600mm double sided illuminated outdoor clock with Roman figure dial and nostalgic pair of hands.
  • The case is made from structural grade aluminium, colour off white. (Other colours from the powder coat range available at additional cost and extended delivery lead time)
  • The inbuilt K-ANU80 slave movement has long life maintenance-free steel/brass gearing and is designed for reliable long life (25-30 years) operation.
  • The clock requires a master controller (like the 360 mini-master with manual day light-saving change over or the fully automated KHU-2101 computer master) for time keeping, remote setting/re-setting and battery back-up.
  • Circular outdoor clocks are available in 600 and 800mm diameter, illuminated and non-illuminated.
  • Makrolon budget clocks in 400 and 500mm, square clocks in 400, 500, 600, 800 and 1000mm.
  • A choice of four different clock faces are available: Roman or Arabic figures, hour/min strokes or hour strokes only.


  • Clock face dia 600mm, case O.D. 647mm.
  • Legibility to DIN Standards: 100m.


Available Clock Faces:

NIS-R = Roman Numerals

NIS-D = Bold Hour/Min Stroke Dial for greater viewing distances

NIS-S = Hour Stroke Dial

NIS-A = Arabic Numerals



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