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The new pay-window intercom for security and cash windows provides fully hands-free communication at counters that are secured with bullet proof glass. With its fully duplex high quality audio and simultaneous talking and listening capability it will eliminate communication difficulties at counters once and for all.

The unit performs excellently in all, but particularly in noisy areas. No more yelling by counter staff! If a customer is quietly spoken a push on the ‘boost’ button raises the volume for better understanding.

Automatic go-to-sleep and wake up is provided shutting the intercom automatically down during off-peak periods and turning it on with the resumption of conversation. The hands remain free for other tasks.

Separate volume controls allow for optimum audio conditions on the service and public sides. A standard induction loop for hearing impaired customers with hearing aids rounds up this professional communication tool. The reliable, long life design and superb audio makes the Public III an excellent, low cost investment.

Our Pay Window Intercoms provide the following benefits:

1. Security Installed into a fixed laminated or bullet resistant glass window it mechanically separates the customer side from the service side for increased security. Typical applications: bank counters, railway/airport ticket windows, Travelex windows, movie theater ticket window, non-contact areas in jails, computer rooms, information booths, petrol stations, chemist shops, drive ins, hospitals, etc.

2. Occupational Health A fixed window separates staff from customers and thus stops germs being spread. Air movement is inhibited and thus reduces colds, watery eyes, dry skin, etc. Window operators can talk with a conversational relaxed voice, reducing the risk of sore throats and fatigue. Staff do not have to lean forward to make themselves understood, preventing postural injuries. Reduced noise levels from the customer side areas prevent staff tiring prematurely and reduce hearing injuries.

3. Improved Communication In noisy environments customers and staff can not hear each other well. With the use of the intercom communication is made a lot easier.

4. Communication with hearing impaired customers Due to the induction loop facility counter staff can easily communicate with hearing impaired customers with hearing aids.