Time Zone Displays

/Time Zone Displays

Hertz Electronics ofers a “best-in-class” range of Time Zone Displays (World Clocks), designed and
manufactured in the UK. We are the leading supplier to investment banks, call centres, the military,
as well as TV and Radio newsrooms and foreign embassies.

Please click HERE for full specifcatons of the entre range.


  • NUMBER OF ZONES – generally from 2-8 zones, depending on the model
  • CHOICE OF ZONES – you choose the locations
  • FIXED OR PROGRAMMABLE LOCATIONS – if you need to change the locations, we offer models with electronic locations which can be changed via software running on a PC.
  • CASE STYLES – wall mounted, flush mounted, single- or double-sided ceiling suspended
  • LED COLOURS – available in red, green, yellow or blue
  • CASE COLOURS – black or silver/grey, or a custom colour to your specifications (extra cost)
  • CALENDAR OPTIONS – most models offer the option of a calendar (WED 11 NOV) at the top of the display
  • SYNCHRONISED – all units are network equipped, so they can be synchronised to a network time server (NTP)
  • BATTERY BACKUP – all units run on standard 240V power and include an internal rechargeable backup battery which will retain the time and settings for several weeks in the event of a power outage (display is blank until power is restored)
  • AUTOMATIC DAYLIGHT SAVING – the clock has an internal database of almost every time zone in the world, which allows it to automatically change each zone for daylight saving at the correct moment, without any user intervention.