World clocks display the time in two or more locations simultaneously. At Hertz Electronics, we work with you to ensure our world clocks help you meet your business or organisation’s objectives.

Some of the options we can customise include:

  • World clock location/ Titles to customers specifications
  • Programmable time zones
  • Displays available in red or green LEDs
  • Automatic daylight saving change for each world clock time zone
  • Optional infra-red remote control

All of our world clocks feature:

  • High quality quartz crystal timing, accuracy: 0.1 sec/day at 21°C
  • Automatic daylight saving changes
  • Power supply: 240V AC 50Hz with battery back-up. Optional: 12, 24 or 48V DC
  • Optional radio time code control
  • Red or green, 12/24 hour displays
  • Surface, recess, ceiling suspended cases
  • Automatic and manual brightness control for all world clock displays
  • Stand-alone or master/slave operation
  • Elegant aluminium cases
  • Dot matrix or 7-segment displays
  • World calendar clocks incorporate 22 languages and can be set to alternate between up to 3 languages
  • 50 or 120mm high figures – legibility: 25 or 60m
  • World clock display options: weekday, week number or Julian date